Meet the Colbert Creative Team

Publishing is scary. Self-publishing downright terrifying. Even when you're going the traditional route, so much is on your shoulders: an engaging website, promotional graphics, social media strategies. We feel your pain. Nancy is the founder of Colbert Creative, and is a published author through both the self-published and traditional routes. Jessica is a kick-ass photographer and illustrator ready to make pretty art for your beautiful words.  We're both here to make the design piece of the publishing puzzle a whole lot less crap-your-pants scary.

And a whole lot more fun.

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Nancy Colbert-Hardy

Chief Chocolate Consumer. Designer. Nacho Eater.

Usually found with fingers stuck to a keyboard, and with a cute blond kid (or two or three) stuck to her side. Inspired to write since childhood, inspired to design for other writers recently. Hopes to create gorgeous graphics and websites, while helping to abolish the words "I can't afford to self-publish" from the vocabularies of hard-core, do-or-die writers.        



Jessica Allen Cruz

Chief Rat Terrier Wrangler. Photographer. Avid Coke Drinker. 

Armed with a fancy Bachelor of Fine Arts from a good ole school down in the Mississippi delta, Jessica's got the mad skills necessary for custom shoots and hand-drawn portraiture, life-drawing, illustration, and mixed media. An added bonus: she has lots of hot friends she can bribe (or blackmail) into posing for photo shoots.