Web Design Services

You may have heard the rumor that authors don't really need websites. "You can connect with your audience through social media," the unknown they say. That's true. But there's so much noise on social media, so many posts to go through, and with the algorithms changing daily, you could have 1,000 fans but only 10 see your latest post about your new release. What the what? That's where a website comes in. While your website is a great way to share news and tell readers more about yourself, maybe the most important role your website plays is that of a lead generator. That sounds a bit sales-y, right? Instead of leads, think of them as potential readers. Better? New readers will come to your website, poke around, read more about you and your books, and sign-up for your mailing list, which you can incentivize with treats exclusive to your subscribers (bonus chapters, deleted scenes, a novella...readers love to read, so give them more, and they will eat it up!) Then you have that rarest of gifts--the reader's e-mail. While social media posts can get lost, your newsletter with release news, event appearances, and other goodies goes right into the reader's inbox. Everyone wins! Check out the packages below, and if you're ready to book your FREE 30-minute consultation, click here and then go here to tell me more about what you want to talk about when we meet!

Payment plans available for all web design packages. Just ask!

All packages include:

  • Responsive design; looks good on any device
  • Branding questionnaire and review to determine colors and styles
  • Social media/e-mail links, newsletter sign-up forms, and contact forms

Packages do not include:

  • Domain or hosting; price plans for Squarespace can be found here.
  • Content or images
  • Site maintenance

Add-ons available:

  • Content copywriting assistance available; $10 for each 100 words.
  • Site maintenance or additional pages; $40 per two hour block; two hour per month minimum.